BS06A-H24/2.5L replacement battery


Ni-MH Battery Package compatible with 24V Lead-acid battery

• Applicable power supply: eNSP-300P
• 5 inch bay built-in type, compatible with a Lead Acid Battery Replaceable to Ni-MH battery at maintenance.
• Compared with Lead-acid Battery, Ni-MH Battery has 1.5 times longer discharge time and 3 times longer life.
• Built-in heater for preventing decrease of capacity at low temperature. Battery package status output (charging or backup operation) is available.
• Preventive circuit for internal leakage current installed.
• RoHS compliant

Compatible case size 5 inch bay size
Outline drawing 146Wx38Hx181D
Weight 1.80 kg typ
Applied battery Sealed nickel hydoride battery (1.2V x 14 in series connection)
Nominal battery power voltage 16.8V
Rating capacity 2500mAh
Built in fuse rating 30A 32V
Operating temperature 0 to 50 deg.C/10 to 90% RH
Storage temperature/humidity One year max.: -20 to under 35 deg.C/10 to 95%RH<br>
Six months max.: -20 to under 45 deg.C/10 to 95%RH<br>
One month max.: -20 to under 55 deg.C/10 to 95%RH<br>
One week max.: -20 to 65 deg.C/10 to 95%RH
Warranty One year after delivery; if defects belong to us, the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at our cost except defects caused by over discharge.
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