Conductive Cases for ST-Poly

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ST Multi Purpose Case is the perfect solution to organize electronics parts while protecting them from ESD. It is easy to sort and manage because the cases are transparent and color coded. Also, users can save storage space as the cases are stackable.
  • Size: 200cc (φ92×H49), 250cc (φ92×H58), 350cc (φ92×H350)
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gray

ST-Multi Purpose Cases are developed with the Achilles’ unique STPoly technology.  ST-Poly is a conductive polymer with electronic conjugation systems and evenly plated over the resin surface with a polymerization process.  The ability to control triboelectric charging is exceptional compared to conventional ESD-controlling technologies such as metal, carbon, and surfactant.  ST-poly is compatible with most resin materials.

ST-Multi Purpose Case Advantages

  • Transparent and Color Coded – Easy to sort and manage parts.
  • Customizable Size – Different sizes for different parts.
  • Stackable – Space-saving at work stations

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