TFP Series chemical resistant Leak Detect Sensor


Strong chemical resistance!

These units usually sit in a drip pan or similar location where people want to know if there is a leak. If they end up in the thinnest pool of liquid they will alarm. They use a detector looking at an LED and if that light path gets altered at all then it knows there is a liquid there. With that it will detect any liquid as long as it is not exposed to excessive high or low temperatures. With a Teflon (PFA) casing and cable (FEP) the teflon unit is highly resistive to harsh chemicals.

However these units are not rated to operate in a hazardous potential explosive environment.

Fluoropolymer - PFA (Perfluoro Alkoxy)
Compact design occupying 1/2 the space of previous sensors, with a thickness of just 10mm.


Detection method

Infrared Photo-refraction


Transistor NO or NC

NPN (50mA MAX) or PNP (18mA MAX)


12 – 24VDC

Response time

< 1 sec (DI water)

Current Consumption

25mA Max


Normal operation – Green LED on, Red LED off

Detection – Red LED on, Green LED off

Operating temperature

- 10 to 60°C

Material of construction



shielded 2 conductor, FEP

2 meter length standard


+: brown

-: shield

Signal: white