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The Semiconductor Industry continues to grow by ever expanding applications for computing and image processing ICs, chips for DVD (Digital Video Disc) and microcomputers for mobile communication devices. Manufacturers require added value for semiconductors, higher efficiency and lower operating cost for production lines. Close control of wet process chemistry assures consistent process control and lower operational costs, both of which are essential factors in the semiconductor industry today. Chemical concentrations measured as a weight percentage are computed based on the unique absorbance characteristics of various chemical solutions when they are irradiated by near infrared rays while being held in a small quartz measuring cell.

Kurabo Industries Inc manufactures an extensive line of chemical solution analysis devices. All Kurabo analysis tools utilize the principle of near infrared absorption (0.8-1.4 um) to measure chemical concentrations in solution form. The range of various chemical solutions covered by the various Kurabo models include SC1, SC2, KOH, H2SO4, HCl and HF. The Kurabo Chemicalyzers consist of a spectroscope unit which recieves the chemical sample and exposes it to the near infrared ray source and the data control unit which converts the spectroscope signal to the measurement value. The programmable Data Control unit can be set to time sampling intervals, alarm when high / low concentration limits have been exceeded and perform periodic zero calibration adjustments. The Data Control unit also has the ability to communicate with the wet station control (Host PC) to constantly monitor process bath concentrations. Measurement accuracy can range from +/- 0.1% to +/- 0.5% depending on the chemical and the model of the Chemicalyzer.


  • Misc. cleaning fluids: SC-1, SC-2, SPM, IPA              
  • Etching solutions: HF, H3PO4, BHF, HF-HNO3, HF-HNO-Si, HF-HNO3-CH3COOH, HF-HNO3-CH3COOH-Si
  • CMP fluids: H2O2 in CMP, BTA in CMT        
  • Liquid crystal etching solutions:  H3PO4-HNO3-CH3COOH, Copper-H2O2-acid
  • High concentration alkaline fluids: NaOH, KOH, KOH-activator       
  • Organic parting agents: MEA-BDG-water-resist
  • Ozonation fluids: HF-ozone, H2SO4-ozone


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