Heat Activated Cover Tape for ESD Control

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Achilles Heat Activated cover tapes have superior performance in controlling ESD (Electro Static Discharge). ESD causes damage to semiconductors and can also result in the misfeeding of electronics components in carrier tapes. ST-Poly technology is also used in the conductive Heat Activated cover tapes. These cover tapes have increased stability in sealing and resist peeling. These tapes do not require high temperatures to seal properly thus avoiding the deformation resulting from elevated temperatures. The Achilles tapes are also compatible with other carrier tapes made of PS, A-PET and PC.
  • Width: 5.4, 9.3, 13.3, 21.3, 25.5, 37.5, 49.5mm
  • Length: 300, 500m / roll
  • Adhesive: Silicone-base and Acrylic-base
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