ESD Control & Anti-Static Products

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The concern over the occurrence of electrostatic discharge events is common throughout the electronics industry. Whether due to turbocharging or electrostatic induction, the thousands of volts generated can cause irreparable damage to critical electronic components.

Daitron provides key materials to protect components sensitive to an ESD event. Key among this is the ST-Poly conductive polymer that provides stable conductive properties and high transparency to a range of materials, surfaces, and applications, including:
  • over tapes 
  • surface protection for LCD, PDP, and CRT screens 
  • conductive trays
  • clipboards, document holders, and binders 
The versatility of the ST-Poly conductive polymer is such that it can also be applied to customer-specified plastic materials as needed.

For quality ESD control, trust your needs to Daitron Incorporated. We provide you with static dissipation products to ease your concerns over your electronic products; contact us to find out what ESD conductive components can do for you!